Characters returned to Fortnite in Season 6. Here are all of the Fortnite character locations in the new season, a* l p N P X % glong with which ones offer upgrades, prop disguises, bounties, anO T r #d more.

Fortnite first introduced NPCs in Season 5, with the large-scale overhaul of the economy. NPCs are back in Season 6, although they don’t have the same spotlight that they did last season. Instead, the crafting system is gn d ~ r H q Betting the most attention.

After the novelty wore off, the crafting system became a part o\ d P Bf the game. Now, it might be more important than ever to learn where the NPCs arel 9 A ^ | located.I t u

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Fortnite character locations list

Character Name Location Offers
Bando c ) 7 E [ T | lolette Flushed Factory Weapon Upgrade, Hirable
Gutbomb The Durr BurgO a – T N =er Duel, Bounty, Hi^ @ x } 2 + !rable
Big Chuggus S: o L } j *hanty Town Hirable
Blaze Timber Tent Duel, Bounty
Tess Dirty Docks Quests
BC g I F 5 & 0unker Jonesy Spawns Randomly at 10 locations Quests
Burnout Steamy Stacks Quest. v 1 As
Bushranger Pleasant Park Disguise
Cole Steamy Stacks Ques* * }ts
Deadfire Sheriff’s Office Hirable
Dummy Compact Cars Hirable
Farmer Steel Steel Farm Bouna B ~ * K x !ty
Kyle Stump| $ & ey Ridge Quests
Snow Sniper Retail Row Quests
Ragnarok Viking Vessel Duel, Bounty
Remedy Craggy Cliffs Weapon Up3 1 } + K \ P a Lgrade
Sparkplug Chonker’s Customs Weapon Upgrade
Splode Unremarkable Sha4 p ( \ B eck BouZ : Q q e vnty
The Reaper Fancy View Weapon Upgrade, Bounty
Crustina The Pizza| . 3 u G l @ V Pit Hirable, Disguise
Triggerfish Crashed Cargo Quests
Turk Greq K u & . ] W uen Steel Brik K I o b l ~dge Quests
Cluck Primal Pond Hirable
Rebirth Raven Sweaty Sands Ri| ~ h F n .ft
Tarana Boney Burbs Quests
Raz Colossal Crops Disguise, Rif& _ y Q \ ( Qt
Lara Croft Stealthy Stronghold Hirable
Shade Sweaty SandO h G \ * i : hs Duel
JulesX h Y w Camp Cod We2 p d ` # ?apon Upgrade
Rex Dusted Depot Quests
Cabbie L! l 8azy– + k J F w Lake Rift
Wreck[ g S T I Y p . Raid\ H + 8 +er Coral Ci U o i ~ c dastle Quests
Suntan Specialist Sweaty Sands Quests
Castaway Jonesy Steamy Stacksl u e @ Y h v Rift
Slurp Jonesy Slurpy Swamp Quests
Gr@ s / $ _ b eill Sergeant Durr Burger Food Truck Quests
Jonesy The First Pleasant Park Duel, Weapon Upgrade
Sash Ser? ! B ] i rgeS c * /anU ( k h Y v Y 6t Wg S ? !eeping Woods QuestsO X D ) ^ I d a 5
Raptor Crash Site Quests
Blackheart Viking Vessel Bounty
The Good Doctor Steamy Stacks Disguise
Power Chord Apres Ski HirJ ; ] ; 3able
Stage Slayer FN Radio Hirab ] B T E B yble
Willow Weeping Woods Rift
Cobb Risky Reels Quests
Zenith Weather Station Bounty
Derby Dominator Hou ! Rlly Hedgesz – a ^ Quests
Galactico Pleasant Park Quests
Shot Stopper Dirty Docks Quests

Fortnite character locations map

Luckily, th} [ V }e fo) e m E zlks at Fortnite.GG have an interactive{ m B y h @ map of all of the NPCs in Season 6.

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Here’s a map of ao s Qll of the NPCs in Fortnite. We’ll keep this updated over the9 s & K ^ course of the season as m5 O F O r q (ore appear or are found around the map. Bigfoot, for instance, is missing from this list. We’re not sure whether that’s becaus/ M \ ` Ne he isn’t there or just hasn’t bC @ 0 )eenw y C ~ = found yet.

  • Targe– e n { i ht: offers a bounty
  • Green icon: can hire the NPC
  • Yellow arrow: weapon upgrade
  • Disguised man: offers a prop disguise
  • Blue weapons: can duel the NPC
  • Pink Rift: all8 3 K F 8 bows you to activate a Rift

There are a lot of new faces around the map in Season 6, a) I 2 2 q X jround with some returning NPCs in ne~ ] x $ ) y ) X Rw places. We have a lot to explore, especially with the realization that some NPCs give players free items just for talking with them.


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