Lara Croft is one of the Battle Pass crossover characters in Fortnite Season 6, and she has quite a few skin variants. However, the gold Lara Croft Anniversary skin can only be unlocked through specific conditions.

Seeing as Fortnite Season 6 is all about adventuring in primal settings, Lara Croft was the perfect candidateL } 1 + | x ! for collaboration. She can be unlocked by reaching tier 1: I a v o y j5 of this season’s battle pass, and her anniversary variant is unloc\ ` A ^ \ Z z Z _ked at tier 25. She also has ap O H G c q 9 classic variant that is unlocked by completing weekly\ A { @ ! challenges.

There is also a golden version of the anniversary skin thatW M / P X hasn’t been unlockable until now. Unlike other gold skin varB I f S [iants, gold Lara Croft isn’t obtaine{ w Rd by reaching a higher level. Inst6 u qead, players must complete a sX O K ` t *ecret task tY d 5 4o unlock this hidden skin variant.

fortnite gold lara croft style

Unlocking gold Lara Croft skin

With Fortny j { e 7 . V l Tite v16.40, a new island has emerged from the sea south ofI e l , % % . T Flush Factory. This tiny island is the home of Orelia, the female version of the Oro skin. Orelia will help players by gii T z Q O +ving them her golden assault rifle, but she will give Lara Croft an addition{ x n [ Pal gift.

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The is( t [land pla^ ~ 4 B N s . tyers need to visit is markedi } D V ( d d V W on the map below. If players visit the island wearing the Lara Croft skin and take the assault rifle sitting o[ T Zn the pedestal, th[ c Uey will unlock the= W l I [ gold Lara Croft Annivers[ M E f e gary skin after the match. It’s as simple as visiting the island and picking up a weapon.

The only catch is that this island will be heavily populap G D m #ted with players wh0 ? T G 8o are alsb # + + 9 z Oo attempting to unlock the skin. And seeing as there is only one gun available, waiting for players to dispe# M [rse is not an option. Players will have to race to the island to be the first to grab the gun.

However, it only takeh { 3s one time to unlock the gold Lara Croft skin forever. It w0 ` f r 5 , M Would be neat to see Fortnite offer more ways like this to unlock gold skO Q U 4 A ein variants in the future. Reaching leC H \ bvel 225 in a season isn’t something that is easilyk X E ] 3 ! done, and this mZ D X B { Gethod offer~ { ; H 5 Ss a similar challenge.


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