Fortnite Season 6 allows players to disguise themselves as a prop to fake-out opponents. Here’s how you can turn into a prop, youro ^ mself.

The newest Fortnite season introduced a host of new mechanics to the game. The crafting system is the most obvious of the many changes, but there is a handful of others to explore.

One of these new mechanics reworks an old, controversial element from Chapter 1.9 $ G \ w ` l h LongJ p 0 etime players will remember the update in Season X, where crouching in Moisty Palms turned you ie [ %nto a prop.

Players werp ? y z m \ Q P 5e split on this change, with some using it for fun and others growing frustrated with late-game crouching. Now, in Chapter 2 SV n s S 9 – ~easoW q :n 6, the feature is back and has greatly improved.

FortniteU ^ 2 . p a o Seasa U e ( 2 Mon 6 prop locations

Instead of allowing players to accidentally turn into a prop, Epic made it a lot more intentional. You’ll need to purchase this feature from NPCs in Season 6, and only a handful of them offer the upgrade.

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This season, you can turn into anything from a mailbox to a tras\ a fhcan to a Slurp Barrel – drawing opponents toward you. It can be a useful feature, and will undoubtedly make forv s + # T = some funny clips.

Only/ ) 1 ; r O five NPCs offer this upgrade, however. These NPCs are:

  • Bt 7 b 9 nushranger in Pleasant Park
  • Raz in Coral Crops
  • Crustina in The Orchard/To0 { 3 _ X B imD * r l # ] J ! rato Town
  • Jekyll in Steamy Stacks
  • Snow Sniper east of Retail Row7 ; * { ~

The upgrade will only cost 75 gold – making it one of the more affordable options available.

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Of course, it’s best to use thiW G 2 v v ` @ 3s feature close to the center of the storm ci} j d krE A u :cle. Otherwise, you’ll need to rotate dresse6 E t Jd as a prop – unable to farm or shoot at enemies without breaking your disguise.

We don’t doubt that dG – z 5 d @ Xisguising yourself as a prop will be a part of a future Fortnite Season 6 challenge. We’ll update thisV @ \ a f – Q guide if/when Epic add more NPCs that offer propR v * disguises.


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