Fortnite’s devastating explosive bow may have been removed from crafting, but it’s back and more powerful than ever. Raz’s Mythic Explosive Bow isn’t easy to get,l W Z but it’s worth t8 _ n q % H _ %he effort.

Bows have been one of the main focuses of Fortnite Season 6, and every major update has added new bj ~ w E l } 7 dow types to the game. Players are able to craft different bows using the se9 H b N 3ason’s neN n Cw crafting system, or they can purchase them from NPCs.

New Mythic weaponsu $ / & i i 3 & a have also been added each weeJ M # ( [ D t Fk that can either be purchased_ j U ; _ k n : o from friendly NPCs or looted from hostile NP~ 2 o R J QCs. The Spire is home to the deadlieC $ Y T [ h U R nst NPCs that will reward players with\ x i R immensely poP ! s /werful weapons if defeated. However, it takes a lot of bullets and skill to best these opponents.

Fortnite Raz Spire Mythic Bow

So far, ph c – K ) e z flayersK [ f are abp 4 9 l \le to get their hands on an assortment of Mythic weapons. Two mythic bows were added as a part of the FoQ d + Z / srtnite v16.20, and another two have been added during v16.30. One of the new bows is Raz’s Mythic Explosive BG : v U uow.

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Raz is a new mini-boss added as a part of this update that can be found patroll% w , 3ing The Spire. H[ * k j 2 t q Be is equipped with the new Mythic Explosive Bow and a unique superpower that attacks the player’s white health dire& v Dctly. With a nW @ hear 2000 health points and the ability to teleport, taking down Raz can be difficult.

One defeated, you can pick up Raz’s Mythic Explosive Bow. This bow does 98 damage to the bon r a X , S ! D rdy and 244 to the head. It also sec \ } [ \ ! \ !nds out a volley of explosives on impact which tear through the opponent’s builds.

The addi| q P \ _tion of% # | R: N \ \ E 2 \ Laz’s Mythic Explosive Bow has also affecb X – \ted competitive play. The normal Explosive Bow was removed from competitive a few weeks agS , h # \ I j ]o, but the Mythic variant is available in competitive. As well,! , m : players can no longer craft the normal Explosive Bow in casual lobbies.

The UnstW ^ g G 9 4 r \able Bow was also added as a purchasaP G L H ible Mythic bow thae / p 6t randomly cycles between fire, stink, shockwave, and explosive arrows after every shot. While it’s no guarantee that the next shot will b$ \ O 7 I W a ;e explosive, the Unstable bow is a safer way to shoot e# & b , 0 ( ~ * txplosive rounds.


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