Fortnite Season 6 introduced a new questline to Fortnite. Take a look at how to complete the first stage of the chalB – D glenge by collecting ArtiD ; ( w ( = { Zfacts for TaranQ z 1 h c w h @ )a.

In the early seasons of FortniteB . v Y _ q W Chapter 2, Epic Games introduced “secret” challenges for players to com; g F H I z M {plete. We intervened in the war between the Bears and Gnomes – a small sub-plot that had little to do with tS b ( G t Q Ihe overall story.

In Seaso\ L k , ~ z B x 3n 6, it seems like Epic brought these back. The quest isn’t a secret – it’s listed in the c! $ g D c _ lhallenge tab – but it follows a small sf X 9 y v W uubplot that reveals a few details about the story behind Season 6. The first stage of this challenge requires you to find Artifacts for Tarana.

Fortnite Tarana location

Fortnite Tarana Artifact ln k g locations

Tarana can be found in Boney Burbs, which youU + 1 Q ~ b can= A _ / 4 o see in the Quest tab of t% 0 ^ 4 ` }he in-ga4 N .me map. The first stage of this challenge is to find her and talk to her. You’ll need to scroll to t. ! vhe speech bubble in the dialogue options to beg^ Y ( * & R |in the quest.

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The Artifacts are scattered around Boney Burbs as well. They look like plates or life rafts with the OG Jonesy’s face on them. HI ; z ; E = B C 9ere’s a video from HarryNinetyFour, showing you the locations of each A@ _ & w t +rtifact.

After you grab ald 8 F s ^ ! : fl of the Artifacts, you’k ( n E ? H \ yll need to visit the thief AKA3 J , N | , n Raz in Colossal Crops. He’ll give y* r ! ; x 1 Q 9 Jou the next stage of your quest. You can find a guide to that one here.

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We’ll keep you posted with more updates to this qu1 2 p 9estline as th6 w o A t E 5e stages8 [ c 1 become7 x 7 W ) j M j available. Until then, make sure to follow us on Twitter @ForG R C + J e ; N itnit6 ) $ K N 0 3eR S \ :INTEL so you never miss any o9 K ^ L 4 Ef the latest Fortnite news.


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