Rifts have returned in Fortnite Season 6, but you’ll need to pay for them. Here are all o[ + ? w bf the rift locations in the latest Fort[ 2 1 \ w D @ 1nite season.

Rifts have been a part of Fortnite since they were first iP o \ +ntrodu{ D uced way back in Chapter 1. They were one of the f` F 2 & 7 E First story elements of Fortnite to have large, in-game implications.

Although rifts have left the9 [ j T o 0 game severaU 3 +l times, they always make their way baca O 4 r / dk. In Season 6,7 ? 9 ^ { R I instead of spawning all over the map, characters have the ability to activate Rifts for you. Here’s where you` w p E f _ R can find the characters who sell rifts.

Fortnite Season 6 Rift location. 6 8 u v X A `s

There are onlx * 1y six characters who curreL k @ b W ( ^ntly sellO X s Rifts in Fortnite. It should come as no surprise that three of these characters are Jonesy variations – including the t~ | m e W f , u gwo most weathered Jonesys in the game.

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Y: j + $ h f # Oou can activate a Rift for 245 Gold Bars – a relatively small price that most reg= : e ^ * 3ular playersN = U should have when they begin a game. The characters who can activate Rifts are:

  • Bunker Jonesy
  • Rebirth Raven
  • Raz
  • Cabbie
  • Castaway Jonesy
  • Willow

As you can see from the ma, p T Y N j _ Jp, Bunker Jonesy haT C 2 9 r Gs four possible spawn locations, making him the least reliable Rift dealer on the island. Raz might be the best, as he also offers you the ability to turn into a proE ( $ 7 J R v Jp – a new feature of Season 6.

We’ll keep this map updated if/when Epic add mP p s p E sore Rifts to Fortx N 5 ) ( \nite Season 6. It’s still early and we expect more chr E 5 m V E 6 Saracters to be added.

Image Credit: Epic Games, Fortnite.GG


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