The Recycler has finally come to Fortnite Season 6. Here’s everything you need to know about the newest weapon in the game, including the stats and how to| e / find it.

In the most recent content update, Epic added the first new weapon to Fr u $ . 0 o qortnite Seap P 4 x Z 0 +son 6: the RecycS 9 t l ller. Like most weapons, you can find it in floor loot and chests. The Recycler spawns in Rare, Epic, and Legendary rarity.

Th% P l Z Ae Recycler is an interesting weapon, as itH , c ; L doesn’t take any normal ammo to use. Instead, you suck up materials and strucS j \tures and use that for ammo. The maximum magazineT P d = ] ] size is 3, but there is a virtually unlii L Rmited pool of ammo all around you at all times.

As expected, the da; ^ F 8 smage of the RecycleV y \ @ / 5r scales based on its rarity. Here’s a breakdown of the statistics:

  • Rare: 75 damage
  • Epic: 79 daN , ? W K #m4 E _ oage
  • Legendary: 83 damage

This weapon probably isn’t worth upgrading if you find a blue one, as the damY : ) S : a @ P page difference doesn’t justify spending gold on an upgrade.

The Recycler works a lot like a Grenade Launcher does, but without the splash damage. You need= a j k % f w te i z l e v x m Zo hit a playQ # J ^ } s % `er directly for it to deal any damage to them. It a` J # v 6 } V \ zlso isn’t too profiQ R )cient at breaking walls with its primary fij ] (re.

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With the limited use of the new weapon, we think it could be a; 3 h tad underpowered. Right noO E s xw, we don’t see much of a reason for someone to pick it up over an SMG, modded Bow, Shockwave Grenade, or additional healing item.

Despite this, it’s exciting to see Epic take new directions wheq Z z ~ d V T en creating Fortnite weapons. n 8 c `. We’re excited to see what this means for( K = q 3 x $ F the future of the game.

Image Credit: Epic Games, Hypex


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