The popular Fortnite Reboot-A-Friend event has returned. Players can now earn free in-game cosmetics by bringing their friends back to Fortnite Season 6. Here’s how.

Epic Games have reintroduced the popular Rebook T {t-A-Friend promotion to Fortnite Season 6. This evN r K Eent rewards players for bringing their friends back to the game. Playing wit6 5 ~ x h Yh friends who haven’t been on Fortnite in over 30 days wv : Q ) I * Y \ 4ill net you some exclusive rewards.

We sa5 R v ^ 4 n z ]w the same promotion run last year, but Epic revamped it for 2021 – this time offering players some substantial rewards for rebooting their buddies.

Reboot-A-Friend Rewards

Unlike the first Reboot-A-Friend sys} M (tem, wT w $ ~ U } Bhich ended in January 2021, player\ T U \ N F = 7 Hs will earn points towards cosmetic rewaU ` + N s A rrds rather than rewards for each game they play. Playerk ^ rs who reboot a f8 # + ^ a Eriend will earnU i F 5 100 points for their first game and 10 points for every game after that.

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To unlock all of the rewards, you’ll need to earn 400 po 6 G r 0 p = aoints. Here are the requirements for all of the Reboot-A-Friend rewards.

  • 100 pointsN ! ] R = . x W:Reboot7 Z Q a Friend Spray
  • 200 points:Heartbeat Wrap
  • 300 points:Toxic Flash Glider
  • 400 points:Pl? J & a 8 ; k ; Xasma Carrot Pickaxe

You don’t need to relJ c } ^y on inactive pl6 Q U 3 g @ ! uayers to receive your rewards, eitheZ A G q & –r. You+ i + need to Reboot someone to earn the 100-pointY @ ( a V Z bonus, but you can earn 10 points for everyy S v ! – + u match you play with any friend.

If yo^ , fu reboot four friends, you can easily ge+ 3 i Pt 100 points per match and unlock all of the re? 0 ( 3 q f 3 I :wards in a single play session.

TherH e de’s nou u – 7 ; 3 } P end d& [ f U b K ]ate on tC 3 & & p A / F Ihe Reboot-A-Fr\ A { D N wiend event as of now, but we assume Epic will change the prizes in the future. We’ll make sure to upd% F | Mate you if they change any rewards or r; H 2equirements.


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