The Fortnite v16.20 patch introduced Chonkers off-road tires to Fortnite Season 6. Here’sF + 9 t A | R how to get them and what they will do.

Vehicle mods have been teased for Fortnite since the beginnin+ g &g ofb 0 w d Season 6. Even before that, data miners found them in the game files, so fanI + ss have known aboutz * x u some sort of mod for a while.

Finally, in v16.20, we saw our first vehicle mod come to Fortnite in the form of Chonkers off-road tires. We expect to see more of these come to the game in the future.

These tires, as the name suggeC W j Bsts, will make off-roading a whole lot faster. They will impact different cars more than others, with the truck getting the$ Z , most benefit from them. As a bonus, these tires allow you to scale steep surfaces you: o m O ( { 2’d otherwise need to climb with rampsS 5 : [ ? Z u b.

How to get Chonkers off-road tires

Chonkers tiresN | | G 2 spawn all ov. m ^ o u =e, e Pr the map, but mostly in gas stations and garages. You can find them on the floor in these locations, or by breakiT N wng stacks of tires. Yes, that means the tires that you can bounce on.

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This update also saw Sparkplug added to Catty Corner. She’ll be one of the better NPB w F ! c qCs going forward, as she sells mechanical parts and offers weapon upgrades to players.

  • Land at the southern garage in Catty Cornh u Y a \eW ! 7 / Kr
  • Enter the gar` T =age and fins Sparw \ u c . Jkplug
  • Look around for tires that spawn on the ground
  • Grab them and throw them on the closest car.

These tires aren’t too much of a game-changer, with thel R E I A @ %ir bi9 R K ) 1 8 G # nggest benr g $ \ ( g |efit being the ability to traverse steep cliffs.

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This won’t be the last vehicle mod we see added toy } T = y r \ 6 . Fortnite, however. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled when the next patch releases t} n Q T so see what else Epic have in store for the futurd u H e k j I Oe of Fortnite Season 6.

Image Credit: Epic Games, Hypex


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