Only eyes will be opened all night long, in return for life has not shown eyebrows.


To go through the years here should be a good time and a good scenery in vain. Even if there are thousands of customs, more with whom to say.

3、山不在高,有你就行;水? O _ d不在深,有你则灵。似是爱情Q D A j \ d g r t,惟我不醒!

Id t ^ @ 1f the mountain is not high, you can do it; if the water is not deep, if you are spiritual. It seems love, but I do not wake upS Q U!


Ten years of life an8 b _ ! U ` 7 fd death are two boundless, thoughtlp b m x r eess and unforgettable.


Knowing that you_ ^ t I : 5 are= , \ @ s y # m P in love, I look at the sound of the river at the head of the river.


Desh M \olate farewell should be the same after twM W # J S 4 ;o, most of all in the moonlight.


Ruthlessness is not like sentimental sV i : + v * Gufferm A ! F R ?inh z U 2g, an inch is also tens of millions of strands.


Return to\ T ^ d the king Pearl tears, hate not to meet unmarried.


LiT I . &fe and death are two boundless, thoughtless and unforgettable.

10、望夫处,江悠悠,化为i v w ,石,不回头。山头日日风复雨,行人归来石2 ? $ 5 q m z –应语。

Wangfu, Jiang Youyou, into stone, do not turn back. Ever3 J * t 0 [ D Wy day on the hilltop is windy and rain9 p p 2 }y. Pedestrians return to Shiyingyu.

11、诚知此恨人人有,贫贱夫M k O E妻百事哀。

HoneR # ) o wstly know that~ X d everyone hates this, poor couples are sorry\ $ m N P u R for everything.

12、爱你,我的脸颊往= s 2 r p j中挤;想你,我的下巴向下移。

Love you, my cheeks squeeze in; miss you, my chin moves dowY ( l | (n.


A6 F D J H e * 7ffectionate since ancient times hurt pa 8 r @ v }arting,l k Z H o 9 x even worse, cold autumn festival.


A( O a 7 J a X ]cacia tree bottom s. r p N . 9 \ ;aid Acacia, Silang hate Lang dc w d r 2 @ $ lo not know.


This can be remembered, but at that time has been lost.


Th` – % \ ( } dis situation can not be eliminated, only the eyebrows, but the heart.


Wutong Tree, Sanguin Rain, no way out of love is suffering. Leaves, a sound, empty steps drip to the Ming Dynasty.


When tears flow down, I know that separation is another kind of undV l merstanding.

19、曾经沧海h z w f a I t难为水,除却巫山不是} 1 9 H S f t云。

Once the sea was troubled by water, except Wushan is not aH @ 9 F cloudR p Q & _ 9.


I used to, willow yiyiyi, now I come to think, rain and sn, | A $ow.


Spring heart does no6 x ! 1 U S jt flourish, an inch of) f @ @ & r j Acacia and an inch of gray.

22、关关雎鸠,在河之洲。窈T 1 p宨淑女,君子好逑。

Guanguan Yongyu, on the river island. A lady is a lady, a gentleman is a lady.

23、夜月* $ ? , R T一帘幽梦,春风十里柔情。

Night, moon, a curtainN b ) = h | t 4 of dr= $ 1 (eams, spring breeze, ten miles of tef \ n \ u 8nderness.

2K n Q \4、别来半岁音书绝,一寸离肠千万结。

Don’# W x ! ` 2 ` Gt come half-year-old sound book absoluteN | b d u yly, an inch away from the intestine tens of millio. C A ) & e Bns of knots.


Take the second time to review the flower bush laziness, half-margin monastery and half-margin monarch.

26、离愁渐远渐无穷,迢J 0 g 5 q 0 b J迢不断如春水。

Departure is becoming mor8 [ b K d 7e and more distant and endless.

27、爱你是我的自由,想你是我的感觉,爱你想你我说了就是了,你5 d 0 V i S = e @要不要随便你。

Loving you is my freedom, thinking you are my feeling, loving you is what I saW \ I o g U v Q Nid, do you want to do whatever you want?


If we can stih i 3 1 Hll keep the sweetness of lovP I a 7 y % G Pe after marriage, we will enter heaven on earth.


Spring silk\ @ Z @ w !worm to the end of silk, wax tP { f R 1orch grey te@ M W Qars began to dry.


I only wish that your heart# $ H \ O 3 resemblesE K f ~ % t c F my heart and will never fail to love you.


He was born without affecti_ f } e + = S U ;on and lovesickness.

32、他生莫作有@ @ I X H q情痴,人间无地着相思。

He was born without affection and lovesic_ . ` ` q 8 \ 2kness.


Like a beautiful family, like a flowing year. Can go bab n } H p 5 Hck to the pastD u m = h | k r, can not go back to/ 6 ! E P : \ the orim + S C 5 fginal.

34、男孩是水女孩是鱼。水不f G / w t \ y在乎鱼从哪来。鱼在乎水的清澈A r s 7 7与否。

Boys are water girl8 ] d U N ~ r & 2s are fish. Water doesn’t care where fish co7 } d E @me from. Fish care whether the water is clear or not.


It’s not\ p y w ( old, it’s hard to resist. The hL y , 9 8 e 0 ) Ieart is like a double wire mesh, with th+ B _ w w n y z /ousando O q R ) ~s of knots.

36、爱情不要等到年纪大了才考虑,早晨的歌声,到中午再听,就显得索然U k s t无味。

Love should not wait for oR / \ld age to consider, morning songs,K m F m m W { to listen to at noon, it seems dull.

37、妾似胥山长e L L A J在眼,郎如石佛本无心。

Concubin} 5 3 S ] – _es like Xushan grow in the& 4 8 B m { I Z k eyes, Lang liR r Yke stone Buddha c a _ t Ha has no intention.

38、死生契阔,与子同说,执子之手,与h l 4 p s 5子偕老。

Life and dead * \thm W . f ? T are bound toge! Y { J Z ~ther. Say the same th& r # R } a ~ M *ing with your son. Hold your hand and grow old with your son.


Animal stove Shen Shuiyan3 C ) 0 { F I, green marsh fq – + D 2 G 2 6ragments, a line written in Acacia biography.e 8 \ 9 U `

40、美人卷珠帘,深坐颦蛾眉。但见泪痕湿,不知心恨谁( J H C u n ( j

Beauty roll curtain, deep seated eyebrows. But I don’t know who I hate when I see tears wet.


Recalling your heart is like the water oK 8 3 m t } N mf Xijiang River, flowing eastward day and night.


Thousands of gold buy like fu, who complains about the situation.


Men’s view of love i/ b l S 3s notb & X k ] W D that there is no standard,– : l t but that thz k 5 / 8 | * ^ Nere is no standard.


Change my heart, for your heart, first know and remember each other deeply.



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