Dialogue with loneliness, just don’t want to believe that you have left.


If I loh 4 K t 7 * 2ve you, I can tell you all the$ Z B M r o 9 j \ pearls.


No maA d w L ! q |tter how gorgeous you look, you can’t foil your inner sorrow.


An entrance isC 8 v s g connected with an exit. They overlap a! P s z o Vnd connect.

5a ~ d [、不要让我孤单,不要让我哭!

Don’t make me lonely, don’t make meF ~ 1 T cry!

6、早该没心没肺,不用现在撕2 O A d w心裂肺。

It’s too late to have heart and lung. You don’t have to tear heart and lung now.


Like is a moment’s heart, love is the guardianT 1 @ ~ T Q U of thousands o% w &f years.


The Internet is– C 5 l c J T y nothing more than a carefully planned fraud.


A simple love song, singing ouX $ , 2 n Ur littf = j {le mood.

10、爱过,伤害过,然] Q P D ` p后可以离别和遗忘。

Love, hurt, and then can leave and forget.O D o t r & B


Please don’t say love to meb k ] o 5 * easily, silly I will takeB 4 4 e it seriously.

12、习惯用那虚O a a ) 6伪的笑。去掩盖内c e x g – m 2 y A心的悲伤。

U} & y Esed to laugh hypocrig 9 , W A 1 8 k `tically. To hide t& } f {he sadne] 2 4 O D x Q ^ css inside.


Can8 t @ _ 6 T we go back to the past and find the original happiness?


Walk the same street and return to two worlds.

15、我M 4 9 V s k ! P蹲在路边,哭9 P n泣的象个孩子。

I crouched on the roadside, weeping like a child.


When h) p I 4 N p zeartache reaches its limit, tears cannot make up for heaV g o @rtbreak.


Love but not love, love but not love.


Silence, let go, hope you don’t[ h I # 0 n / d 1 see your smile.


Time didn’t wait for m9 ` L u p : Ee. You forgot to take me with you.


Some people, some things, see clearly, al# f / G Z P yso look down upon.


Look at me, you are lyin/ z H T $g, look at you, but can not disguise.


I subve 4 ( & F { n g }erted the whole world, just to put your reflection right.


Peopl9 \ ` & g ]e always cheris* s @ 2 9 Qh what they don’t get and for[ h 9get what they haE y \ &ve.


My hea| _ Art is very small, just like you!


No one loves me more thL e B 1 8 G Ban you, but I still choose to leave you.

26、梦碎了一地,我还在原地S 5 l | ~ p等你。

The dream is broken, I’m still waiting for you.


When the pain could not be relieved, she fell in love with words.

286 , S、一切的亊情尽在伱的脑海中。

Everything is in your mind.


Youth has not yet begun, old age has come!


My world, suddenly black. I’m tired of fa9 7 ! _ ^ R ` Wlling in love with loneliness.


I belih 3 v q Y } t z +eve t_ + | \ shat you are just a kind of care from your heart.


WaitL S t # z j Ring for your concern, until I clD 9 K Z / ( j 3osel G y v 7 % [ my heart.


Unfortunately, I hold you, but forget to wa+ a x X rrm myself.


Sadness finds itself. Happiness is yours.


In their world, Russia i! | 2 9 p ^s always superfluous.

36、我哭泣,不代表脆弱,只& Y m o d , H m因坚强了太久。

I cry, not because I’m weak, just because I’ve been strong fo1 f r H { Vr too long.

3c E X o x E \ X7、无法X { ! 3 e ) 0拒绝的是开始,无法抗拒的是结束。

What cannot be refused is the beginning, aL D Q cnd what cannot be resisted is the end.

38、你若先走了,转身时就别怪我也背对着P I & u f @你。

If you go first, don’t blame me me for turnh c i f / g o Ying back on you.


Love, I will put it in my heart, some things will not be deadlineT a k c ] e E.


Maybe you’r[ \ L p & K | D Qe just an episode, but I treat it as the only one.


Some things, nothing, just don’t want to understand.


A person is not alone, want a talent alone.


I don’t have soq Q w d 2 & m\ f @ F V % Wany feelings, just want to have a pers= \ l M l Z K l /onal accompany.


You don’t need to see me to hide, because yF ) , k 5ou don’t come into my eyU ~ 9 ` p o . I Ces at all.

45v \ 5 { 4 _、生活坏到一定水平就会好起来。

Liu N C p , [ ; z dfe wilf o p [ r d kl be better if it is bad enough.


How many people’s memory, records those wanton yo; G | x T – euth.


Are{ 1 @ / O Z q @ you or I forgetting the real prom~ \ v 3 & q Nise at the beginning?


Commitments are ridiculous, but love words are indispensable.


It’s slow tp | # Ko love someone, but slow to love somj N &eone.


All you have to give is a hug!

51、安徒生是世n ] P E K @ /界上最成功的谎言家。

Andersen is the most sucb q F /cessful lia^ : = A A vr in the world.

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