英文名人名言佳句每日一句 1. Just has long arms. 天网恢恢,疏而不漏 2. A good book is your best friend. 好书如挚友。 3. People do not lack strength; they lack will.人们不缺力量,缺的是决心。 4. 要铭记在心:每天都是一年中最美好的日子。To writ


1. Just has long arms. 天网恢恢,疏而不漏

2. A good book is your best friend. 好书如挚友。

3. People do not lack strength; they lack will.人们不缺力量,缺的是决心。

4. 要铭记在心:每天都是一年中最美好的日子# N | f H k V *。To write it oc 9 \ X 8n your heart that every day ise 7 d * r @ O | the happiest day in a year.

5. We must accept finite disappointment, but we mustN N , e g w never lose infinite hope Martin Luther KingV E $, Jr.我i L N # Y i F M们必须接受失望,因为它是有限的,但千万不可失去希望,因为它是无穷的。马丁。路德。金

6. Do what yo# ! ? v U & du saV R o C g l xy,say what you do.做你说过的,说你能做的。

7. Truth never fears investigation.事实从来不怕调查。

8. Each bird love to hear himself sing.孤芳自赏。

9. Th^ J W 1 w E J me U.N. acts as the world’s conscience, and over eightyfive percent of the work that is done by the United Nations is in the social, economic, educational! a o K ` andL ) t _ F cultural fields.联合国扮演着世界良知的C E J角色,而a S \ x ] J W他们的工作85%以上在社会、经济、教育和文化领域。

10. Like a rat in a hole.瓮中之鳖。

1# } K { G1. You can’t have a bey o r 8tter tomorrow if you don’t stop thinking about yesterday.如果你无法忘掉昨天,就不会有一个更好的S [ l P A明天。

12. When the heart= N 8 G h 9 k is afire, some sparks will fly out at the mouth.心中发火,口吐妄言。

13. Judge not from appearances.人不可貌相,海不可斗量。

14. Old love w2 L c G o @ $ j 1ill n5 b L y ~ w u Dot be forgotten.旧情永难忘。

15. Difficult the first time, easy the second. 一回生,二回熟。

16F 4 F. Quality matters more than quanty + g si= v N P d :ty.质量比数量重要。

17. 一个人只要不再想要,就什么都可以放下。Aperson aJ \ bs long as no longer want, what can be put down.

18. A guest should suit the convent E N _ Z m M +ience of the host. 客随主便

19. Great works are performed not by strengh, but by perseve/ J ~ 0 O p –ranceSamuel Johnson, British writer and criticX E b – ? S D 5完成伟大的事业不k c H F ) T在于体力,而在于坚韧不拔的毅力。英国作家和评论家 约翰逊 S

20. A maN E D 7 ; T L , ,n can die but{ N + & h o b i once.人生只有一次死。

21. A man has his hour, and a dog has his day.人有称心时,狗有得意日。

22. Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse. 无知的狂% , o C – d热是脱缰的野马

23. Like for like.一报还一报。

24. He that makes a thing too fine, breaks it.做事过C 5 h u (于苛求,反把事情弄坏。

25. Bewa2 _ srg n 1 – E s J Te beginnings.慎始为上。

26. 磨难o B * 9 ^ 8 G m w首先是一种幸运,然后才是一种不幸。Suffering is a kind of lucky first, and then is a misfortune.

27. 时间的锐齿能啮尽一切,只是对真理无能为力。Time of sharp teeth gritting% O B can do everything, is powerless against truth.

28. Old birds are not to be caught with shaft.老谋是不会失算的。

29. Self-distrust is the cause of most of our failures.我们绝大多数的失败都是因为缺乏自信之故。

30. No mv + % ] } 2 lan is the whole of himself; his f@ T ^ N 2 R x xriends are the reT f O N U ?st of him.A young idle\ y /r, an old beggar.少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。

31. The voice of one man is the voice of no one. 一个人的声音没有力量。

32. DW ; G m T d X uare and the world always yields.If it beats you sometimes, dare it aga0 [ l { I s N k Sin and again and it wi ^ 4ill succumb.大胆挑战,世界总会让步。如果有时候你被它打败了,不断地挑战,它总会屈服地。 ——W.M Thackeray英国小说家萨克雷

33. The first step is as good as half over.第一步是最关键的一步。

34. Every coin has its two sides. 事情都有两面性。

35. Life is hd b d ? M J y = 2alf spent before we know what it is.人过半生,方知天命。

36. When winG t :e is in? O S f tY n j @ M @ Q 6 sruth is out.酒后露真言[]。

37. In love folly is always sweet.恋爱中,干傻事总是让人感到十7 e b分美妙。

38. 想不付出任何代价而得到幸福,_ % / = o 3 m 2 ,那是神话。Can’t think of any cost and get happiness, that i# o S 6s a myth.

39. A man is called selfish, not pursuing his own good, but neglecting his neighbour’s.追求自身的利益,不是自私;只有忽视他人的利益,才是自私。

40. Don’t trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.麻烦没有来找你,不要去找麻烦。

41. 蝴蝶计算的,不是月份,而是瞬间! # L P _,蝴蝶拥有足够的时间。Butterfly calculation, not months butB _ g H $ @ c moments, and has time enough.

42. All lay lM ? ( W ! eoad on the willing horse.人善被人欺,马善被人骑。

43. Search for knowledge, read more, sit on your front porch and admire the view without paying attentionS ) p \ Z h to your needs.寻找更多的知识,多读一些书,坐在你家的前廊里,以赞美的眼光去享受眼前的风景,不要带上任何功利的想法。

44/ E ] : I. Four eyesH k J see more than two.集思广益。

45. Let bygones be bygones.过去的就让它过去吧。

46. 沉浸于现实的忙碌之中,没有时间和精力思念过去Q Y M 3 r ;,成功也就不会太远了。Immersed in real bd j Eusy, no time and energy to miss thW – t % } te pa& l a z 2st, success is not far away.

47.; E N C { = D 2 Burn not you? C ^ ] Or house4 h f ^ ] ] I Q to rid it of the mouse.投鼠忌器。

4p d 48. He who has tasted the sweetness of solitude and tranquility becomes free from fear and free fr3 8 7 K ]om sin.当一个人品尝到孤独与恬静的美味时,便不会产生恐惧的心理和犯罪的行为。

49. it’s sad h| f ! 5 # 6 S % Wow quick some people can just forget about you, until they want something from you.( h _ v p M p [ ). 有些人就是平常从来不会想着你,直到想从你这里获取什么时。这真教人悲伤。

50. What the heart thinks, the tongue speaks.心直口快。

51. What we are igB z u Xnorant of is immense.我们不知道的东西多得不可胜数。

52. A bad workman always blames his tools 拙匠总怪工具差。

53. Walls have ears. 隔墙有耳

54.{ 8 S & h Bet? ? ,ween the ideal a^ V ) # J y { Xnd the reality, Between the motion and the act, Fall the shadow.理想与现实之间,动机与行为之间,总有一道阴影。 ——Thomas Ste( 4 i J m \arns EliotT.S.爱Q f 3略特

55. All is fO E ` C & ; Z w Aair in war.兵不厌诈。

56. He who commences many things finishes but a few.样样都搞,完成者少。

57. The cause of suffering is selfish desire, whether it is the desir/ C = 2 & m x ( ce for pleasure, desire for revenge, or simply desire for a long life.痛苦的根源来自私欲,无论企求快乐、报复,或只企求长寿,都会导致痛苦。

58. Believe not all thr S 6 O –at you see nor half whatn T o you hear.眼见的不能全信,耳闻的也不能半信j d K ~ = 2 ( 9 G

59. Great minds think alike.英雄所见略同。

60. Actiop ! h % /ns speak louder than words. 行动o D * Z \ D 9 k比语言更响亮。

61. Hak $ l bsty love is soon hot and soon colV ] x % W bd.草草率率谈恋爱,热得快也冷得快。

62. All is not gold that glim Y i ?tters.闪光的东c } k f / Y . ~西并不都是黄金。

63. Knowledge is long, life is short.吾生有涯,而知无涯。

6– d T ^ g4. To be both a speaker of words and a doer of deeds.既当演说家,又做实干家。

65. A man is not old asB y 1 ~ b . @ long as he is seeking something. A man is nf G G ( $ b D Xot old until regrets take the place of dreams. J. Barrymore只要一个人还有追求? 5 & m 2,他就没有老。直到后悔取代了梦想,一个人才算老。巴里摩尔

66. It never rains but it pours. 祸不单行

67. Sharp tools makn ( $ V p E A 4e good work.工欲善其事,必先利其器。

68. east or west, home is beN V $ Q v T j )st.东好西好,还是家里最好。

69. HD F j E : ; L $ :e who risks nothing gains nothing. 收获与风险并存

70. Virtue is her or its own reward.为善最乐。

71. Meet plot with plot. 将计就计{ L : `

72. It never will rain rosu b K & F C A E ^es.名人名言? . When we want to have more roses we must plant trees4 9 3 5 \ Z.天上不会掉下玫瑰来,如果想要更多的玫瑰,必须自己种植。 ——G. Eliot英国小说家艾略特

73. No man loves his fetters be they made of gold.即! & ? Y c 8使脚镣黄金铸,无人爱上这刑具。

74. when love is in excess, it brings_ R J / . g a man no honor nor worthiness.爱得太深,会失去所有荣耀和价值。

75. when a person truly awake mom( M = sent, he gave up the pursuit of wealth of the outside world, whil} 5 K + D y –e the inner world to pursue hiL b ) K F e .s real wealth. 当一个人真正觉悟的一刻,他放弃追寻外在世界的财富,而开始追寻他内心世界的真正财富

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